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"The Chia Extra snacks are tasty and extremely practical. Just add the liquid of your choice and everything is done. I loved these products, not too sweet, not monotonous, just perfect."


Nancy Bordeleau

Les Cinq Fourchettes

"I love Chia Extra products. My favorite flavors are vanilla and coconut. It's a great source of vegan omega-3. Thank you"

Jonathan M. Grisé


"Thank you for this wonderful discovery. I love having a bowl in the morning before going to work, I have energy for the rest of the day!"


Mohamed Ali


"Nothing as simple as when I tried the chia blends from the Quebec company @chia_extra_ 😍!

It's a new product made with organic chia seeds that is healthy, nutritious, vegan and gluten-free. "

​Êve-Lyne Auger

La Fraîche

"The presentation is superb, the mixtures of ingredients well balanced. It made me very good healthy desserts."


Josée Muller


"Vegan and gluten-free product, naturally sweetened, the flavors explode and are really present! (...) don't hesitate to take a look at these high quality products, get them and discover them for yourself!"


Sarah Girard

Ma Cuisine de Tous les Jours

"Very good food, easy to make. Nutritious, well-balanced recipes. A food for the future, and for those who want to eat less sugar."

René G.


"The products are easy to use, they help me better control my appetite during my diet!"


Imen B.


"I just tried the vanilla and cocoa ones, they are delicious. Quick and simple to prepare, I love them. Congratulations and good luck."


Sherley Dupuis


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