A natural, healthy, vegan, gluten-free superfood, ideally suited for the whole family


Chia seeds, the ultimate natural superfood

2 tablespoons of chia each day make the difference in your daily life and bring many benefits.


5 X

3 X




2 X


more protein

more calcium than milk

more iron than spinach

daily fiber requirements

more omega 3 than salmon

more potassium than a banana

more antioxidants than blueberries

daily magnesium requirements

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Gluten-free, vegan, hyper-protein products

Our chia products are carefully mixed with other natural products such as cocoa, cinnamon, and vanilla in order to bring even more health benefits to your food.


We have several chia-based products for a tasty snack or to simply add to your meal. Our chia mixes include coconut sugar. The powder products do not contain sugar nor sweetener.


pouding chia cacao cocoa chia pouding ch
pouding chia vanille vanilla chia poudin


  • Athletic

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Gluten intolerance

  • Healthy, low sugar diet



No sugar or sweetener

poudre chia cacao chia powder chia extra
poudre chia cannelle cinnamon chia powde

CHIA EXTRA powders are ideal for adding nutrients and flavor to your snacks, desserts, yogurt, oatmeal or smoothie.


No sugar or sweetener

Chia extra chia flour farine de chia

CHIA EXTRA flour is a great way to get all the nutritive values of chia seeds while making delicious crepes, muffins or cakes.

Healthy chia recipes

Chia is good for your health!

Mikéto Foods is a family business founded in 2019 by its president Monica Voicu. Its vision is to develop nutritious, delicious and low-sugar products through its CHIA EXTRA brand. Chia seeds are one of the most interesting superfoods that can exist: its many virtues add to the ease of incorporating it into recipes that are as varied as they are creative.


Our products can also appeal to groups and communities as diverse as vegans, athletes, people with diabetes , people on ketogenic diets (keto), or simply people who want to eat healthy.


Mikéto Foods also aims to make its range of products attractive to children, because eating better is learned at a young age.

Desserts au chia - Chia Extra


     Chia Extra is really extra! Delicious products with different flavors, which I highly recommend to all those who care about their health.

Brigitte Dijon

Mont Saint-Hilaire, QC

       We really enjoyed the Chia Extra breakfast mix, very good but also easy to make, for us and even for the kids.

Véronique R.

Saint-Eustache, QC

       Preparation is very simple and the result is both tasty as well as nutritious.

Jocelyn Avoine